Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goals & Accountability

I have another blog out there on the internet - it's meant to be a general life blog, but uni has made it become a weekly post about my running for the week. I don't want that blog to just be about running, but I do want to record my runs and what I'm up to in terms of pace, distance and general running mindset.

Also, I suspect once my hands recover from their overstrain injury, I'll be back on my bike and blogging about that too. Although it's now April and I haven't ridden all year - the first few rides will be interesting...

Running is important to me - although sometimes I prefer to do other things (watch The Walking Dead, sleep, general procrastination), but then I kick myself at the end of the day for not getting out for a run. My current ultimate goal would be to run 10km every single day. That's less than an hour, and I think we should all be able to fit in an hour of exercise each day. Of course, I also want to go to the gym, swim and eventually be back on my bike - so some tradeoffs will have to occur.

My immediate goal is to run the 10km of the Nike She Runs event in a month - I have just over four weeks to go. First, I need to run 10km in one hit during training this week. Then I need to spend the next couple of weeks extending that so that 10km is comfortable. Then I can push it on the Nike run night, and go for a time (sub-55 sounds good to me).

Now that this is all on a blog, I will hopefully be accountable!

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