Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Early week runs!

I ended up thinking about the half-marathon for most of Monday, and decided the best way for me to assess if my legs really felt fine after covering 18km the previous day, would be to go for another run! I attempted to make it a very easy run by focussing on my breathing pattern (3 steps in, 2 steps out) and having an almost meditative breathing rate. It worked as my average pace for my the run was 6:45/km! As I felt fine, I signed up for the half-marathon in just under 4 weeks!

I covered 5km in my local area - going to Clovelly Beach and then to Coogee, although I avoided the stairs as I figured that would mess up my breathing. I didn't get the backstreet stair-avoidance streets quite right, but now that I've figured them out, I'm looking forward to more stair-avoidance recovery runs along that route.

I also went for a run on Tuesday night with the Nike+ Run Club, although this week was with the Broadway store. I really enjoyed the run last week with Warringah Mall - they didn't really have pace groups like the city and Broadway stores have (5:00. 5:30, and 6:00 are the paces that are generally catered for), so I was able to run at my manageable 5:45 pace with the group last week.

I wanted to stick with a group this week, but figured the 5:30 group would be a bit much over the 8km loop that was planned. So I started off with the 6:00 group, and found that quite comfortable - which wasn't unexpected. But after about 600m, I found a few people ran ahead of the group leader, so I figured I may as well head off with them.

Thanks to traffic lights, we caught up with the 5:30 group, and once we got going again, we had our own little 5:45 group of 3-4 runners. This became three as we approached the start of the Anzac Bridge climb, and while we lost one of our group, we picked up another from the main 5:30 group. Actually, the one we lost was a bit of an idiot and ran on the right-hand side of the road and into a cyclist. I told him he was an idiot (can you tell I'm a cyclist first?) and didn't bother to check if he was OK. I really didn't care - he made the stuff up. And there was no-one on the left hand side of the pathway anyway!

The run course itself was a hybrid of my regular Sunday 5km loop and a reverse of the Anzac Bridge Pre-Run loop, although it went through the back of the Fish Market instead of through Pyrmont. I always wanted to check what it was like going through the back of the Fish Market - as expected, it wasn't very smooth (two traffic lights), and it was a bit smellier than expected! So I think I'll stick to our current route for Sunday runs!

I do like Nike Run Club - I find that I can get a bit more useful information from other participants and the Run Club Leaders than I can through the meetup group. The Nike people are generally faster, and thus more experienced with running, so I suppose it's not that much of a surprise! But I was talking to one of the leaders at the end of the run last night (Shaun, I think) about the half-marathon, and the trickier bits of the course. He also told me that the 12km loop the Monday/Wednesday group does out of Pitt St covered the back end of the half-marathon, although not always in the same direction. Still, it seems like a good idea to run with the Monday Nike Run Club (I can't make Wednesdays) to get the more difficult part of the half-marathon into my legs.

So next week, I will make an effort to get to Pitt street at 5.30pm (it's a bit early, which is why I don't go normally, and why I can't go on Wednesdays as I'm in Sutherland during the day) to take on the Monday to take on the 12km course. Unlike last night, I will probably stick to the 6:00 pace group. :) While I had plans to go back to my runless Mondays next week (after all I won't be expecting to need to test my legs again anytime soon), it looks like I'll be having runless Tuesdays now.

Summary: 5.5km @ 6:45/km, and 7.5km @ 6:13/km

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