Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bondi Run Club Week 7

The Bondi Run Club ventured outside of Centennial Park today, and headed to Bronte. Well, we still started at Centennial park, but we didn't do laps in there as we have done in past weeks. We met up with the running group from Vision Personal Training in Randwick at Queens Park - which was great as there were a variety of paces due to the range of fitness levels coming from Vision. There are some quick runners in the Bondi Run Club that might still have been too fast for today if they showed, but the latecomers (who we found at the very end of the run) would have been fine on the run.

I had someone to chase - they were just slightly faster than me most of the time. Again, it's the hill climbing where I can catch up with some people, and then they catch up with me on the downhill. Looking at my pacing graphs, it doesn't that I'm putting on the brakes on too much on the downhills - I don't run any slower than I do on the flat! But it seems others (there was one lady who did a great job catching me on a downhill) seem to run downhill faster than on the flat - and this is why I seem to be slower.

I think if I do a nice warm up next weekend for the Nike She Runs 10km, then I'll feel fine flying down the hill at the 2km - 4km interval. We'll see how my pacing graph looks next weekend! Otherwise the rest of this run was comfortably fast (as I told the Vision PT who was leading the run) - speedier than I would normally take a long run, but I felt I could deal with that level of comfort for however long the run was going to end up being.

Once we got back to Queens Park, the Vision group had turned off (along with Wes, the Vision PT who is normally with the Bondi Run Club) and it was just me with two Athlete's Foot staff - Geoff (who runs regularly) and Lisa (who really started running regularly once this group got going). We chose to go around Centennial Park to finish, taking the trail route on the outside. We came to the inside of the track after coming to the Robertson Gates.

I felt like I really had to work during the last 2km, but looking at my pacing graph it looks like I was just maintaining a relatively fast steady pace! So I wasn't really struggling - just pushing! I'm really going to have to learn to tell the difference between the two... So it looks like I'm ready for the Nike Run - and I think so is Lisa (today was the furthest she's run, although I'm not completely sure if she's running next week!)

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