Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bondi Run Club - Week 6

I had made arrangements with one of the Mizuno representatives to bring along the Mizuno Nirvana and the Mizuno Inspire so that I could try them out on this morning's run. So I wore my older pink Wave Rider 14s - as the last time they brought all their trial shoes they noticed my orange Wave Riders, which were not a colour available in Australia! My womens 12 (and mens 10.5) feet were too large (and mid-sized) for what they brought that week, so I didn't try any shoes on. But after visiting the physio and noticing how sore I pulled up after Tuesday's hard-surface run, I decided that I had better start looking for new shoes.

It is currently BUCKETING down - it wasn't as intense this morning, but Bondi Run Club ended up being cancelled. A little disappointing as I was looking forward to trying out the Mizuno Nirvana and the Mizuno Inspire on the run, but also understandable. As I said to one fo the girls from The Athlete's Foot - I don't mind running in the rain, but you may now want to run in the rain as a group event in case some who are uncomfortable running in the rain do so out of peer pressure!

Then it was briefly exceptionally intense, and we decided to leave - although I was also offered the option of doing the group personal training with Vision at Randwick. I decided to give it a go, but to dump my car at home and then walk up to the training studio (they're very close to me). On my drive out of Centennial Park (I drove as it was raining and in case I needed quick cover - which was the case), I saw the other girl from The Athlete's Foot riding in, completely soaked. Hopefully she found out what had happened!

I had never participated in group personal training before - and now that I've done it, it's actually a lot better than expected. Well, at least the way Vision Randwick run it! They had a circuit set up, and you work in 2 minute intervals with a partner. When in this "team" you try to go for as far (on the cardio equipment) or do as many reps in that 2 minute period - swapping with your partner as you fatigue. Each team then records what they did - so there's a competitive side to it, but also a supportive side as you have your parter within each circuit activity and then everyone in the session between circuit activities (where you do planks, hold squats, do crunches, etc.)

I wasn't sure how my hands* were going to cope with the rows, pull-downs, push-ups and planks, but managed to get through the session. I suppose I'll know later tonight or tomorrow about how they really went. On my walk home down one of the relatively steep hills in Randwick I noticed my feet rolling in a fair bit, and made a mental note to compare the rolling in to my orange Wave Riders when I got home. After the comparison at home, I decided to banish my pink Wave Riders. I can't visually spot the difference, but it was quite obvious when using them once I'd spotted the problem.

It's still raining, and quite heavily at times, but I'm hoping it will ease off enough in the afternoon to go for an easy run. It's a bit hard to tell as I live close to the coast and there's only so much distance that the radar can cover!

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