Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bondi Run Club - Week 5

With the end of daylight savings and shorter days, Bondi Run Club was moved from Tuesday evenings  to Saturday mornings at 7am. Both times worked well for me given how close I live to Centennial Park - but that clearly wasn't the case for everyone! We went from a group of about 25 to less than 10 - and a third of those were from Mizuno and The Athlete's Foot!

Nevertheless, it was a great morning for a run. Sure, I would have been at parkrun in St Peters if this wasn't on, but a start earlier than parkrun meant I could head over to Manly earlier to get some work done (I have to head over four days in a row, and each day I go in an hour later - so getting started earlier on Day 1 makes a difference).

The change in time didn't just affect the participants - the trainers from Vision weren't there this morning. So we decided to go for two laps on the inside track of Centennial Park. I didn't really mind - I decided to treat it as a tempo run.

It ended up being a fairly even run - except for a bit of a decrease in pace in places that were a bit uphill, and a patch early on where we slowed down to regroup and stretch. The second slow patch occurred at halfway - one of the participants rolled his ankle and I slowed down to see what had happened.

I suppose that's the trade-off of using the inner track. The direct impact on your joints from each step taken is less than on hard surfaces, but the uneven track means you need to be a little more careful to avoid rolling ankles and putting too much sideways pressure on knees!

Like Thursday's run, I found it difficult to settle into this run - while I eventually got there on Thursday, it didn't really happen today. Not sure if it was because it was early morning and I drove there (compared to having been awake all day, or a very slow start as I do on solo runs), because I'd had a few beers the night before, or because I had swapped into my older runners (still with the new orthotics). I found the surface too soft, and while I blame my runners, how much of that was due to my runners? As a result my calves would tighten (dehydration from last night?) and I would switch to heel striking, and then go back to my more natural-feeling mid-foot strike when it eased up. And then heel-strike... and then mid-foot, etc. No wonder I didn't settle in at all!

In the end the pace was good for me, so am happy with the run despite my settling issues!

Summary: 7.1 km* @ 5:38 min/km 

*I just recalled that there are measurements for the inside track on an information sign near the cafe, so it'd be interesting to compare my Nike+ website measurement to reality.

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