Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bondi Run Club - Week 4

Bondi Run Club is organised by The Athlete's Foot at Bondi Junction, with trainers from Vision Personal Training, and sponsored by Mizuno (which is how I heard about the group - I'm a fan of Mizuno on Facebook). We're four weeks into the training and is aimed at those entering the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, which is in mid-May. I'm not entering the half, but attend the training because it's free and it's fun. I also managed to convince Anna from uni with me - although I think she now enjoys running, so it's not that difficult to convince her to join. I enjoy our chats as we walk over to Centennial Park from uni - although this week we jogged over.

Week 4 was our last Tuesday evening session, with the next session being on a Saturday morning next week - but there was talk of keeping up the Tuesday sessions, at least in an informal capacity. So we'll see what happens next week. No doubt Anna and I will jog over and join in.

I don't think much of the trainers with their knowledge of running. I may not look like a runner, but having been involved in track and field from Little Aths and through to a few years of seniors-level, I do know a little bit. Although most of it from talking to coaches and other athletes, as I never actually did train with the runners - I was a discus and hammer thrower. I did do cross country in Little Aths, and that's where I learned about not being flat-footed, about leaning forward to climb up hills more easily (or rather, less painfully), good running technique (although I don't think I really executed this well - I was a tail ender and didn't really care) and about finishing strongly.

But I still attend the training as there is a good cross-section of fast and slow runners, and because the activities themselves are good (and the trainers are good at managing what you can/can't do and keeping you going - I mainly don't agree with their warmup). We've had time trials, hill days and today was another set of "time trials" - with the aim of producing negative splits over two laps of the inside track at Centennial Park.

Now I've never really been the type to hold back in order to obviously produce a faster subsequent lap, I'd rather settle into a pace that is tough but manageable, and then try to push it during the next lap. We were meant to try for a lap that was a minute faster - I only managed 2 seconds faster! At the end, Anna  said she was going to suggest we ramp up the speed earlier than when we did - although I don't know how I would have felt at the end of the run if I "kicked" earlier!

Summary: 2.5 km @ 6:13 min/km + 7.1km @ 5:27 min/km

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