Sunday, April 28, 2013

An almost-proper long run

Another 18km day, although this time it was a result of a single run, unlike last week. I had to go into the lab after 10.30am, so I thought I'd head over to that side of Sydney (other side of the bridge), go for a run, and then to the lab. I spent a little bit of time yesterday thinking about where to run - along the coast, on the trails or around some of the lakes? I did want to go for a proper long run, so I discarded the trails, and then settled on Narrabeen Lakes.

I wasn't sure of the water situation, so I planned to park in one spot - hit the pathway in one direction and back for 10km, stop by car for water if necessary, go in the other direction and back for another 6km or so, and then add a bit to hit 18km or more. As I ran 18km last week in parts, it was the minimum I wanted to do today. Turns out the water situation was more than adequate for the first 10km, but not the next 6km. Next time I run there, I'll keep that in mind and hit the 6km bit first!

Aside from unknown water situation, the run was more or less as expected - flat, mostly off-road and mostly unsealed pathway. Add plenty of cover meant I didn't feel exposed to the sun (although it wasn't really hot today, it's nice to know when planning runs for summer), and there were plenty of other users on the path (although it got a bit kid-heavy at around 10am) so I felt like it was a relatively safe place to run.

It's a shared pedestrian and cycle path - but everyone was pretty good, except for the kids who go all over the place - which is expected because, well, they're kids! They were all well behaved this morning, but there are always a few who haven't quite figured out how to use their bike or scooters in a straight line! :) At least this happened on paths with plenty of grass on both sides, so it wasn't really a bother!

As for my running - the pace was quite a bit faster than expected. I don't tend to look at my watch unless I am keeping pace for a group - I just get the GPS started and go. Although I do stop it if I'm taking photos, using the bathroom, or in a queue for a tap. As I had to go to the lab, I set the easily changeable secondary stat on my watch (I can change the main one via the computer) to the time of day. Although I did switch it to distance when I first ran past my car to get an idea of how far I'd gone at the time.

I felt fine during the run - although I struggled during the last 2km or so. But looking at my pacing graph, it wasn't that I was struggling with the distance - I increased the pace! I'm seriously going to have to learn the difference between struggling to finish and struggling with pace. At least I know I can finish strongly (by my standards!)

This will probably be the last long run before the half marathon - the Nike She Runs 10km is on next weekend and I have no idea how I'll feel the next day or on Monday, and I had no plan to do an overly long run the week before the half marathon. It's a fine balance between getting miles in the legs and staying fresh for the actual run! I'm not sure what the plan is for the Nike Run Club tomorrow night, so I plan on taking it easily from Tuesday to see if I can get a good time for the 10km on Saturday night!

Summary: 18 km @ 6:19 min/km

Milage for the week: 47.6km

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  1. Well done! I love a long morning run. And wow - strong finish. Good luck with Nike.