Thursday, April 11, 2013

A scenic trail and some nasty hills!

I am currently working a few hours a week around Manly - although my "few" hours is actually split into about an hour per visit. This means I'm over on the north shore three to four days a week. On weekends I head over after my morning runs, and during the week I head over in the afternoon. As the toll for the Harbour Bridge drops from $4 to $2.50 at 7pm, I use the two hours or so between my work and "cheaper toll" time point to go for a run.

I had a long run planned for this evening, but then I decided to try running through the Dobroyd Head section of Sydney Harbour National Park. In the three years I've lived in Sydney, I had never visited any of the Sydney Harbour National Park sections (well, except for riding up to the top of North Head on my bike, and having a workshop at Q station).

The map generated on the Nike+ website doesn't give the first half of the run any justice. There were some really beautiful views between the second and fifth kilometre, and I definitely need to drag my parents to the Dobroyd Scenic Drive the next time they visit!

So this was my second trail run, even if the trail section of this run was only about 4km. But those 4km were definitely more difficult than the 9-10km loop I took around Manly Dam a few weeks ago. I think that there was a lot more climbing (and descending) today, and I think that those slopes were far steeper. I don't trust my coordination going down stairs, so I do tend to be quite slow going down - they were also fairly wet today as we'd had some good rain in the past week.

The second half of the run on roads through Balgowlah Heights was still quite difficult thanks to the hills in the area! But I tend to prefer hills and a variation in elevation to completely flat area, especially if there is little cover (*cough* Homebush *cough*). Not sure when I'll attempt this run again - I have so many more areas of North Balgowlah, Manly, Freshwater and Curl Curl that I want to explore!

Summary: 10.1* km @ 8:14 min/km

*The GPX file generated by my Nike+ GPS Sportswatch comes up as 11.1 on Strava, Garmin & dailymile. This is not the only time the Nike website has come up with a lower number than the other websites, but it is one of the biggest differences I've encountered so far. I choose to stick to the Nike+ for my summaries here as I would rather be told that I'm slower than I actually am, and then have good runs for official courses!

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