Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A run of firsts

First evening run of the year where it was actually dark, and first run with my new orthotics. I haven't run to Bondi Junction and back for a while, and I'd forgotten how hard the surface is on the route. Alternately, it could be that I'm wearing new orthotics that are still quite stiff! I sometimes find my runners "spongey", but that definitely didn't occur today!

I found it difficult to settle into the run today, which is obvious when you look at the pace time series. I was running a full minute faster than I had hoped! (I don't really look at my watch when running unless I'm with a group and am conscious of running a pace that everyone is comfortable with.) I wanted to go for an easy run as I wasn't sure how the orthotics would go. As I said, they were a little stiffer than what I was used to, but the arch felt fine - which is what I was most worried about. We'll see how my feet feel when I wake up tomorrow!

Summary: 6.4 km @ 6:23 min/km

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