Friday, December 19, 2014

New kicks: the Brooks Glycerin 12

With my original Triumph 10s well and truly dead, I needed another "second pair" of shoes. The local factory outlets don't currently have the Saucony Triumph 10 in a suitable size, so I had to go out and buy a new shoe! As an aside, I continue to find it amusing that the Triumph 10 felt fine at about 500km, but then completely died at 600km.

So after parkrun a few weeks ago I headed off to Active Feet in Heathmont because I had a $50 Brooks voucher to use from my Sussan Women's Fun Run registration. I ended up with the Brooks Glycerin 12, and so far they are amazing! I lurve them! They have a little more medial support than the Triumphs but still allow me to run like I normally run (i.e. crazy-arse supinator, but we're working on that).

This is the Raspberry/Midnight/OrangePopsicle colourway of the Brooks Glycerin 12. I think they look best with my orange Thorlos Experia socks... but so do my red Saucony Triumph 10s, so I almost feel like I need more orange socks!
In addition to brand-spanking new shoes, I also picked up a new lacing style. In fact, I used to use this style ages ago (pre-surgery) but completely forgot to use it when I was able to run again. To help avoid black toenails, I had some "elephant ears" added to the lacing at the top of the shoes to help my foot stay at the back of the shoe, and not slide forward when I landed. Time will tell how much this helps, as my feet are fairly banged-up at the moment.

So now I get to stop by the Converse (for Saucony) and Brooks factory outlets!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Westerfolds Wednesday: Summer is most definitely here!

It was a gorgeous day for a parkrun on Saturday! While I had two alarms set for 6.45am (overly early perhaps, but I wear contact lenses and it's far more comfortable to insert them onto eyes that have been awake for a little while, rather than eyes that have just worken up), I only got out of bed at 7:15am. I usually leave at 7:15am at the latest - it takes me about 20 minutes to get to Westerfolds parkrun, and getting there after 7:30am means that I get a bit of pre-parkrun chat in. Unless I'm going for a pre-run, in which case I'd already be running at 7:15am!

I had had a late night (early evening) reading and writing, so I wanted as much sleep as possible. I did open the curtains when my first alarm went off in an attempt to encourage me to get out of bed as I get direct sunlight on my pillow in the morning, but I just ignored it. Eye mask FTW. Needless to say, by the time I arrived at parkrun (thankfully the pre-run briefing had just started so I didn't need to rush to the start), I wasn't in the mood for a hard run. So I just had a chilled out run with Wendy. :)

Hanging out with Wendy during parkrun. A few of us wore our Blerch shirts because there was another Beat the Blerch event happening in the US that weekend.
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.
Westerfolds parkrun HQ (aka the Run Directors, Volunteer Coordinator and Event Director) awarded the November parkrunner of the month award to Michael this week - he's normally in the city on the first Saturday of each month for the Victorian Road Runners Tan Time Trial, and can't make it to Westerfolds Park in time (he heads to Albert Park instead).

Like all our parkrunners of the month, Michael is a Westerfolds parkrun regular who not only volunteers frequently, but also enjoys chatting with the whole parkrun community - and will always say hello or wave if you can often catch him running around Westerfolds Park before or after parkrun. And what I mean is that he'll usually do both those things AND parkrun! Whether you catch him is the unknown. :)
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.

With the formalities out of the way, it was time for some parkrun fun! I'm going to stick to this photo essay style, I think it's nice and easy to write read.

We've got sunshine, and hopefully satellites have been found!
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.
Peter hasn't been to Westerfolds since Christmas, but he managed to wipe off 30s from his PB and pick up the Men's 55-59 Age Category Record! He was the second overall finisher behind Ian (not pictured).
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.
First Timer Meaghan was not only the first female to finish the course on the weekend, but also the first junior! She also picked up an Age Category Record - Junior Women's 15-17.
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.
After scoring four PBs in his first five visits to Westerfolds Park, Martin has been in a bit of a PB drought since August. He knocked his best time down to 21:30 on the weekend - we will have to wait and see if all his PBs come in one-plus-threes!
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.
Gary is a First Timer to all of parkrun, and will hopefully be back judging by that smile!
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.
Did you know that this image was two seconds away from being a PB Trifecta? Irene (in purple, at the front) and Wendy (in pink, at the back) equalled their PB times, while Callum (in the middle) ran a PB!
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.

Two of our regular parkrunners completed their 50th parkruns on Saturday! We've got a few in the 40s now, so this is definitely becoming a more regular event. Of course, that doesn't mean we'll cease to celebrate it!

Tim's 50th parkrun! He normally pushes a pram around, but has been spotted pushing a pram AND a bike!
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Jeremy Watson.

Scott wasn't photographed on Saturday, so here's an artist's impression of the King of Westerfolds (he is our Event Director, after all) completing his 50th parkrun. He says he's honoured, but he didn't Favourite the post on Twitter... so... 

Full results of the day are available on the Westerfolds parkrun webpage, but here's a quick summary of the top performances of the day. Additional congratulations to those who also picked up a PB, and not in the table below or in a photo above: Trevor Watson (24:33 - two weeks in a row!), Joanna Kelly (26:38), Narelle Lakey (26:42), Rheanna Mainzer (27:13), Michelle Thomson (27:58), Andrew Hartmeier (27:59), Oliver David (28:21), Kristy Taylor (29:47), Tara Sandie (37:38) and Kasia Trickett (44:32).

Age Grading
1Ian Wong (18:53)Meaghan Gaunt (20:13)Peter Gaunt (79.28%, M55-59)
2Peter Gaunt (19:23, PB)Heather Gaunt (21:36)Meaghan Gaunt (76.67%, W15-17)
3Simon Tu (19:35)Heather Marasco (23:23)Heather Gaunt (74.23%, W45-49)
4David Oram (19:59)Kylie McCarthy (23:53, PB)Max Thompson (71.27%, M11-14)
5Luke Crozier (20:22)Kylie Haysom (24:36, PB)Martin Strandgard (69.69%, M50-54)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Jantastic 2015

Jantastic is back for 2015! I did it last year, and I recall it being a LOT of fun, although I didn't blog about it too much (just a few mentions here and there by the looks of it). For those who don't know, Jantastic is about setting fitness goals and working to meet them. While the past years have only been about running, now they've added swimming and cycling to the mix! And it talks to Strava!

It's a three month program - the first month is about setting how many times you'll go out from a run/swim/ride. The second month you set the number of workouts AND your longest workout. And in the third month you estimate your time for an event (e.g. a 5km time trial). It's easy, and a lot of fun as digital badges are awarded! I'll try and be a better blogger about it next year, so that I actually remember how I went (seriously, I can't remember how I went, but I do remember that it was fun).

P.S. As with most things in my life, there is a Westerfolds parkrun group to join. :)